Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh, to give in to sleepingdom.

Sleep is such a weird thing sometimes.  It seems like for everyone else, once the drowsiness kicks in, they just can't wait to lay down, pass out, and run off into happy-dream-sleeply land.

I stay up because I feel like I'm gonna miss out on something.

Even though most all shoppable stores have closed, there's nothing worth watching on TV, and Fail Blog wont post anything new until tomorrow morning, I swear there's something that still needs to be done or seen.

But there's not.  And what can I do, really, when my legs stopped being productive two hours ago and my eyes feel like dried orange peels and are just about as useful (I saw old tangerine peels in my trash can and felt that an appropriate comparison ... no true poetry was harmed in the making of this story).

I'll go give it another try.  As for the rest of you ... good morning, since you have probably all ready had your good night's sleep.

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