Friday, March 27, 2009

We are in the future

I was at the gym yesterday and saw a guy with a silver pair of wireless headphones on with a big blinking blue light on the side. It was wireless, slightly gaudy, and pretty much what 1988 would have expected 2009 to be like.

We are living in the future.

I have a phone that can check my bank account, update my friends on the other other side of the world about what I had for breakfast, tell me how to get to the closest garage to get an oil change, and it still can call my mom because she misses me. There's a memory card the size of a quarter in my camcorder that holds more information than my family's first computer would ever dream to. I can play new movie trailers on my TV through my DVD player, just in case I wanted a bigger screen than my laptop can provide ... that is of course unless I decided to hook my laptop up to my TV and make it an over sized computer monitor.

Video game consoles can stream movies almost instantly, pinkie sized ear buds can take phone calls without even seeing your phone, and specially magnetized cook tops can boil water in well less than 2 minutes. These are new, fantastic times, and I have a special affection for technology and all the potential it has to offer. But, sometimes, I really don't need to go digital to take care of something. I have to go oldschool analog and talk to someone directly when things aren't right. I mean, sometimes you loose those little things like grace and interpersonal communication when it comes to text messaging.

So take care of the analog hearts, and then go watch some digital movies together.

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