Sunday, November 30, 2008

Musicals, huh?

As I was sitting in my room typing a paper, my roommate and his girlfriend were watching the movie/musical Newsies. As I was listening to the movie and her singing through my wall, I couldn't help but come to an interesting conclusion: I have no interest in ever seeing that movie. Outside of potentially sitting and watching the movie with others where it's the best option I have at the time, I will probably not see that movie ever.

That epiphany made me curious why I would avoid a movie so passionately, because I know I have the capacity to enjoy the occasional musical now and then. So I shared this little dilemma with the company in the house, and with her experience in theatre, she helped me narrow down the factors that seem to be influencing me. She asked my opinion on different musicals and plays I may have seen, and it turns out dark comedies are my entertainment of choice. For example, I'm watching Sweeney Todd right now and I'll catch myself singing along with it or gritting my teeth. But the thought of sitting down to watch Newsies or High School Musical or any other performance that makes everything poppy and upbeat and ridiculously manic makes me anxious inside.

So it seems I appreciate emotion. When performances lack any real representation of what people really feel, it makes me anxious.

Why do I admit all this? I dunno. I just really wanted to say how much I don't want to see that movie. Not to say that it isn't a quality production, which I'm sure it is. I felt like being blatant and a little abrasive for a bit. Goodnight.

Afterthought: I realized that my preference in musicals resembles my preference in people. Not that I necessarily enjoy hanging out with murderous antiheroes (though to be honest, I don't really know that many), but I appreciate people who show true emotions and don't just put on a smiley face and plays happy. So that's my tie-in. Wham-o.

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