Thursday, November 6, 2008

Perspective and presentation

I've always been hesitant to start consistently posting blogs because I've always seen these sites as either chances to keep simple updates on life for those who probably know about most of it anyway, or a place to constantly vent personal issues to a public forum, and whatever one's motivations are for needing that kind of attention can be questionable too. And that's me: questioning motives.

And yet, a dilemma is brought to light: what motivation do I have that would make me want to put my personal happenings in text for anyone who can find me? Well, basically, whatever I choose to show you is not what you're going to see.

Confused yet?

As I go on to talk about my reactions to issues and difficulties I'm having with the political arena and the way my dishwasher cleans my plates, the way I choose to present my thoughts will be skewed by my perception, which in turn will be misread by your perception, which means at any moment and time, what you're going to be reading is potentially not at all what I wrote.

So whether I'm talking about how I almost passed out in class last night or am really venting about some major stuff, this is safe. Mostly. The vagueness that potentially makes this safe also opens the door to misinterpretation too. But at that point, big deal.

It's just the internet. What's really true on here anyway?

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